ShinySDR Manual: Troubleshooting & FAQ


How can I make ShinySDR more CPU-efficient?
The log is full of “OOOOOOOOOOO...”.

It is a common for the drivers of receiver hardware to print “O” whenever data was received from the hardware and not accepted by the software. This can have several causes:


WebSocket connection failed

ShinySDR uses two TCP ports. If you have a firewall or NAT, make sure that both ports specified in the config file are allowed.

exceptions.RuntimeError: list contains invalid format!

You have installed two different versions of GNU Radio, such that the Python library version that was found is not the same as the C++ library version. Uninstall the one you don't want, or ensure your PYTHONPATH environment variable points to the right place.


I am writing a plugin and I'm getting errors like it's looking for an old version of my code.

Delete the file shinysdr/plugins/dropin.cache located in whichever sys.path directory your plugin is. This file is managed by the Twisted plugin system and will usually be updated when you modify files but can get out of sync in some circumstances.